THAT FELT GOOD is a product innovation by Bags4Good that closes the waste cycle by producing a useful product by using fabric created through recycling plastic bottles.

The bags FEEL GOOD because they create employment in a small community of women in Elsies River in Cape Town. Our bags DO GOOD because the Felt is produced using waste plastic bottles.

Bags4Good was created to combat single use plastic bags, offering an alternative that is economically viable and reusable, while empowering less fortunate people to earn an income. The bags have also been used as a mechanism to raise funds for environmental and social causes by offering the consumer a way to champion a cause through buying a bag.

After a 13 year journey producing re-usable bags in South Africa, Bags 4 Good has closed the circle with THAT FELT GOOD

GOOD 4 the earth: Polyester felt made from recycled plastic bottles

GOOD 4 people: Creating jobs and skills development in communities

GOOD 4 brands: Supporting local people and the earth

Thank you for carrying our cause

See some of our “That Felt Good” bags here

Proud ladies from the Elsie’s River initiative, makers of bags for the H&M Home / Neimil collaboration

Conference bags for international advertising group