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As part of their Good Business Journey, Woolworths is proud to support the Breast Health Foundation. Through the sale of each bag, Woolworths donates R10 to the Breast Health Foundation to support the work they do.


The Breast Health Foundation (BHF), is a Not for Profit Company established in 2002 to educate the public on Breast Cancer and Breast Health, increase awareness and empower women.

Since its inception, the Breast Health Foundation has developed into a transparent and effective organisation which reaches our nation’s women. The money that is raised is used to educate women – those who have had as well as those who have not had Breast Cancer – to spread the word around the importance of self-examination and regular medical check-ups. The Breast Health Foundation aims to put to rest the myths surrounding Breast Cancer and to provide an open forum where women feel that they can come forward with their problems. Traditionally, women in Africa have been seen as the heart and soul of the family. By ensuring their health and by educating them, the health education messages are passed on to children, husbands and partners.


•          Create breast health awareness in all communities. 

•          Provide early access to information in all communities. 

•          Potentiate access to appropriate healthcare resources for patients and healthcare professionals. 

•          Provide early support for diagnosed patients. 

•          Facilitate early and ongoing analysis of care. 

•          Offer emotional and informational support. 

•          Continually audit operational effectiveness.null

THE #BreastCancerOnYourMind CAMPAIGN.

On a daily basis, the Breast Health Foundation strives to help patients and their families understand what breast cancer is, how to detect breast cancer, what to do with the news of a positive diagnosis, what treatment method is most appropriate, and how to navigate the system of treatment and survivorship.  

The Breast Health Foundation Community Patient Navigators are breast cancer survivors trained to guide cancer patients through the complex continuum of care. Navigation offers a patient-centred approach aimed at providing psychosocial support and guidance, enhancing patient experience, compliance to treatment, and improving process efficiency and effectiveness. 

Mobile Breast Cancer Education Units travel throughout the region to create awareness and educate the community. BHF currently has four units servicing Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and KwaZulu Natal. These units reach 100,000 people annually.


Funding this campaign and The Breast Health Foundation means that we can further educate the women of South Africa on Breast Cancer awareness, how to perform self-breast examinations (in line with South Africa’s first-ever Breast Policy) and how to seek medical support if they detect any breast health issues.

The Breast Health Foundation’s community educators in Gauteng, the Western Cape as well as Kwazulu-Natal spend a large portion of their time in outlying communities and clinics to educate and raise awareness.

Furthermore, our community educators are professionally trained to counsel those that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and navigate them through our healthcare systems.


• Share this page on social media (http://www.mybreast.org.za/breast-health/general-breast-health/examine-your-breasts/),

• Perform monthly self-exams, attend screening when required or age appropriate, (http://www.mybreast.org.za/breast-health/breast-cancer/how-can-i-check-for-breast-cancer/)

• Educate friends and family on Breast Cancer signs and symptoms, myths and facts (http://www.mybreast.org.za/breast-health/breast-cancer/early-signs-of-breast-cancer/)

• Follow our social pages

Website: http://www.mybreast.org.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreastHealthFoundation/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreastBhf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breasthealthfoundationsa/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/breast-health-foundation/


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Bank: Nedbank Sandown

Account Number: 1933 176741

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