Africa Foundation


Every decision made at &Beyond revolves around our core ethic: ‘Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People’. We are deeply committed to conservation development and community empowerment in partnership with our social development partner, Africa Foundation.

By purchasing this product from our Safari Shops, you are making a meaningful difference. A percentage of the sale will go towards funding sustainable projects in rural communities neighbouring our lodges.


Pioneers in conservation, &Beyond has a proven track record of reversing local extinctions and spearheading innovative research.

• 37 endangered rhinos translocated through Rhinos Without Borders (in partnership with Great Plains Conservation) •

• 50 gaur relocated in India, reversing a local extinction •

• 72 leopards radio collared and monitored at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve •

• Pioneering contraception methods in elephant •

• 53 cheetah relocated to wildlife sanctuaries through a successful breeding programme •

• Protection and monitoring of green turtles at &Beyond Mnemba Island, 1 of only 2 protected nesting sites in Zanzibar •

• Relocated over 250 endangered suni which were successfully bred on &Beyond Mnemba Island •

• 18 Ader’s duiker, the rarest antelope species in Africa, successfully bred on &Beyond Mnemba Island •

• Over 500 teachers and 7000 community children hosted on conservation lessons •

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